About Like Oil

I am passionate about women doing life with women. I am passionate about seeing women thrive and be who God has called them to be. I am passionate about seeing women live their lives poured out. Poured out like the woman in 2 Kings 4. 

The woman in 2 Kings was a widow and was about to have her sons taken from her by a creditor. She cried out to the prophet Elisha and he asks, "What shall I do for thee? Tell me, what hast thou in the house?" Telling him that all she had was a flask of oil, he told her to borrow vessels from her neighbors, even empty ones. 

She did just that. Elisha told her to pour all the oil she had into the borrowed vessels. Verse 5, KJV says, "So she went from him shut the door upon her and her sons, who brought the vessels to her, and she poured out."  

She continued to pour until all the vessels were full. Per Elisha's instructions, she was able to sell the oil, pay off her debt and live off the rest of the oil. 

Imagine being so full of oil that you constantly had enough to give to others. Imagine your vessel is filled to the brim, overflowing. Overflowing so much that you have no choice but to pour, and pour and pour... and pour.  

That is what I want to be. A woman living her life poured out. 
That is what I want to see. Women living their lives poured out.