Maximizing in 2024: Creating God-Glorifying Systems for Purposeful Living and Goal Setting

A question I keep seeing everywhere is... WHAT IS A SYSTEM? and HOW DO I CREATE SYSTEMS FOR MY LIFE? 

I've also seen posts and debates about SYSTEMS vs. GOALS, and Treasured Vessel, I'm here to tell you... THEY BOTH WORK TOGETHER! 

Let's start by defining a system.

What is a system?
A system by definition is a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized framework or method. So essentially, in layman's terms... A system is all of the habits, tasks, tools, and people working together that help you to accomplish your goals.

A system can include:
APPS - Notes, Clock, Bible App, Lists/Reminders, Sleep App
HABITS - Waking up on time, limiting social media, reading a certain # of pages before bed, drinking enough water, etc...
ROUTINES - Morning and night, work, exercise, etc...
TOOLS - Calendars, Planners, Budgets
PEOPLE - Parents, Friends, Colleagues, etc.. anyone that you can depend on OR PAY to help you

How do you create a system?
First, you start with a goal. Think through, what you want to achieve or get done. These can be large, general goals, or specific goals. Remember, systems can work for both but whichever you choose to do, they should be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timed

Some goals may not require you to do the smart method, so that means you have to be aware, and do what works for you. It's a lot of trial and error, so take inspiration and guidance from this blog post, but remember to make it applicable and specific to your life.

Once you have set a goal, you will then map out what the tools, tasks, and habits are that will help you get there. These are the things that will happen either by you or someone else daily, weekly, or monthly that get you closer to achieving the goal.

So let's walk through setting up a system:

A General DAILY Goal that I have for myself is to:

Show up at 100%, give my best to do great work, be engaged with others, and be aware and sensitive to what the Lord wants to do that day.

Here are the things that I must do each night to ensure that I wake up free, clear, and feeling good about myself. 

1. I need to prepare my clothes, workbag, and lunch the night before.
2. Shower and prep my hair
3. Unload in my Day 1 App - This is a daily journal app that includes prompts. I use it to journal my emotions and process my thoughts and how I'm feeling. I will also use it to journal my prayers.
    GET QUALITY SLEEP - Oftentimes our day starts less than what we'd expect due to poor sleep habits. Studies show that individuals who get quality sleep and at least 7 hours. When you are fully rested you tend to show up and perform better throughout the day. Here are a few things that help me to get a good night's REST.
4. Use an air purifier while sleeping
5. Use a weighted blanket
6. Use a lavender essential oil diffuser
7. Use the Sleep App to get 6-7 hours and track my sleep to wake me up in the lightest part of sleep

Here is what needs to happen, for me each morning to ensure I start the day on track:

1. Bathroom time & shower - I use this time to spend with God and wake up in the spirit
2. Get dressed and get breakfast (if any), coffee
3. Worship, pray/talk to the Lord while driving to work - Depending on the day, I will use DND to keep me safe from responding to texts while driving, and it also keeps others from interrupting my time with God
4. Get to work early and take a few minutes before I go in to review my schedule/todo list in my planner/notebook

These are 2 examples of what I try to do daily to keep myself centered and at my best performance. I've included examples of tools I use such as Clock App, Sleep App, Day 1 App, air purifier, and weighted blanket that are included in my system.  Read on below to get an example of how to incorporate people into your system. 

Let's say you are a single mom w/ 2 kids. Ask your mom, or close friend, or hire a babysitter/nanny in the evenings on Tues/Thurs to come over and help prepare the kid's clothes, and lunches for tomorrow and help get them ready for bed. That gives an extra margin of time for YOU. That helps you to be the best you.

Incorporating people into the system could also look like:
PAYING a house cleaner/keeper to clean or someone to do laundry

Systems that Glorify God
Bringing it back to creating systems that bring glory to God... you want to be sure that the system you are creating keeps God at the center. You are allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you as you create goals and make decisions that help you live a life poured out like oil. We want to ensure that we create systems that help us get the most out of life. That truly helps us maximize and be the treasured vessels that God sees us as! 

I pray that gives some clarity and you realize that in this YouTube battle of systems vs. goals, you can do both and they work together!

My goal is to see women live their lives poured out like oil. If you're new here, Like Oil is a safe space created to provide women with the resources to live their lives poured out like oil. Feel free to take a look around and join our community. 

Remember, you are a Treasured Vessel and I pray that God gives you the boldness to live as such.


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