Let's Just Pray Right Now

March has been one!! It was filled with many reflections and revelations. It was filled with frustration and doubt. It was filled with much sadness and tears. But it was also filled with so much laughter and joy. It amazes me how God sustains through it all. He is always right there when you need Him. I know, we’ve all heard the song phrase, “He may not come when you want Him, but He’ll be there right on time. He’s an on-time God, yes He is.” and it’s completely true. 

I witnessed it this past week. I went to the gym with a former colleague and after we finished working out she mentioned that she was going for a run…. and she invited me to come along. My initial thought was, “HECK NO, we literally just got done working out!”. I gave every excuse I could, but she pushed and there I was driving the car into the parking spot of the apartment complex. When I got out of the car and noticed my former colleague was not standing by her car, I began to look around. She was across the street talking to a neighbor. 

Now, if you know, you know. Extra people? I didn’t sign up for that. This was not a part of the plan. Instantly I became bothered. I thought, “What the heck? We are supposed to be at the park!” As I gathered my things out of the car, I began to process and Holy Spirit began to adjust my attitude. For about 2 minutes, which felt like 10, I went back and forth trying to decide if I should show up or not. Should I go over and introduce myself or should I just wait where I was? 

The internal struggle was horrible. I had to be honest with myself, why was I so bothered by it and why was I so scared and nervous to just walk over? They’re both humans. They’re both women. Am I not confident in who I am? Would I have anything to offer the conversation or would I just stand there and be ignored? All these questions came up and I had to deal with them, quickly.

I tapped into the Lord’s strength and decided to walk over. 

I’m so glad I did. I meant it when I mentioned earlier that God is an on-time God. God showed up for me at that moment. I walked up, was introduced and at a point in the conversation I showed up again by offering a bit of my story. It felt good. It felt good to feel comfortable showing up again because I had lost that. That confidence felt good. 

As we continued to chat and my former colleague was sharing her thoughts, she asked for prayer from the neighbor. I shouldn’t have been surprised when she said, “Let’s just pray right now.” but I was. It’s not often that you see people living out being Christ-like. I’m used to people saying “Pray for me” and the response being something along the lines of, “Ok!” or  “You’re going to be alright.” not, LET’S JUST PRAY RIGHT NOW. The neighbor prayed and I walked away from that moment in such awe of God. 

I would've missed that moment if I had decided to stay at my car. I wouldn’t have been able to see God in action. I wouldn’t have been reminded that praying is okay now. Don’t wait until that night or tomorrow. Do it right then. So much peace arrives for someone when they hear a prayer being prayed over them. 

The neighbor reminded me what it looks like to be aware. To be tapped into the Father. She wasn’t rushing. She had somewhere she needed to be and so did we but she took the time to be available. Ready to be used as a vessel. To pour out the oil from her overflow. 

My prayer for you and myself today is that we be aware. More aware of how we show up. Showing up like Jesus. Aware of when God is wanting to use us. Aware of how we should be available to those in need. God, give us the courage to just pray right now and help your daughter to know that she is SO loved. In Jesus Name, Amen  

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