Adding Fuel to the Fire

Have you ever been in a situation where things were escalated and "that type of person" walked into the room and made everything worse? You know, the person who asks 1 million questions just to be nosey. The person who bumps around the room giving their pessimistic opinion and getting others riled up. The person who is doing a lot of talking but not really adding value. You may know someone like that or you might even be that type of person. Whichever way it goes, you have a responsibility to be on the side of right. I'll never forget a former colleague sharing a story with me about her husband's ex-wife. The ex-wife would do things to make situations worse and my colleague's advice was that they always tried to be on the side of right. 

The side that tries to find a solution, compromise, understanding, common ground... a way forward. People on this side can see pathways that lead to peace. They understand that more frustration and confusion only add fuel to the fire. As I was doing my morning routine, the Lord brought to my remembrance a show I watched on Hulu a few years ago called Little Fires Everywhere. It was a great show BTW, but it reminded me that sometimes in our lives there will be little fires everywhere. Things will pop up that you weren't expecting. People will say things that, quite frankly, you'd be hoping they would be ashamed to say but they're not. You'll encounter situations and think, "I've only seen this on TV, never thought this would happen to me." You will experience obstacles and very trying times.

Every week as I sat down to watch a new episode, I was on pins and needles anticipating what would happen next. Who would be the person in this episode to try and derail things? Who would be the villain in this episode? Who would be the savior? Who would be the peacemaker? 

As I reflected this morning on that show, I was reminded to be the one who helps put out the fire. Be the person whose vessel is so full that when you show up you have no choice but to help put out the fire. Are you so full of peace, joy, understanding, forgiveness, patience, and long-suffering that you're able to pour that out onto everyone else? OR are you full of and pouring out gossip, strain, confusion, hate, frustration, jealousy, and envy only to make matters worse? 

As I sit here spending quiet time with the Lord, reflecting and taking a moment to just breathe, the Lord fills me with so much peace. Today is Thanksgiving and I'm with my husband. We won't be going to see friends and family because we are on assignment. I do miss them, but I understand that in this season I must do what the Lord is leading me to do. And I'm ok with that. 

I want to encourage you wherever you are or whomever you are with this Thanksgiving Holiday, to be someone who puts out the fire. Gathering with family sometimes means that there will be little fires everywhere. Don't add fuel to the fire. Don't make things worse. Be like Jesus and bring solutions. Be an encourager. Be an exhorter. PLEASE as you stand in your kitchens, among the turkey, stuffing, mac&cheese, greens etc... BE LIKE JESUS. REMEMBER JESUS.

As always, my prayer is that we would live as the treasured vessels that God sees us as. And that you live your life poured out like oil. I pray you enjoy today and Happy Thanksgiving. 


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